Cylon LED light head from Technology-LED
Cylon LED light head from Technology-LED

Cylon LED light head

The Cylon is a high-intensity, ECE Regulation 65 approved, warning lamp suitable for use in a variety of commercial applications. Offering multiple fixing methods and incorporating high-quality materials, the Cylon also offers robust durability, making this product highly versatile for both vehicle builders and operators.

- High output LED warning lamp
- Multiple flash patterns with synchronisation function
- Robust PC/ABS thermoplastic housing for improved durability
- Flush-fit and hollow bolt mount fixing options
- ECE Regulation 10 and 65 approved
- Easy installation

Ultra-bright illumination
Developed by our engineers to surpass the performance requirements outlined in ECE Regulation 65, the curved lens system provides a superb, wide angle light distribution pattern which vastly improves operational visibility. Choose from multiple flash patterns, lamp synchronisation and grouping to provide the warning illumination package of your preference.
Hollow bolt or flush mount
With its modular design, the unit has the option of a specially design high-impact PC/ABS housing incorporating a hollow stainless steel bolt with an integral cable sealing system. This innovative pivoting design provides lamp adjustment in multiple axis, allowing for roof curvature and providing a low-profile, secure fixing method that requires only a single hole to be drilled in the vehicle bodywork for installation. The roof mounted option allows four lamps to be installed at 45-degree positions on each corner, providing 360-degree visibility, removing the necessity for additional roof mounted beacons.
OEM compliant
Suitable for use in OEM applications, the HPF.101 (Cylon) has been developed for compliance with the EMC requirements of ECE Regulation 10.05 as well as the increasingly stringent requirements from vehicle manufacturers on quiescent current draws from 3rd party equipment. All TECH-LED badged products are subjected to an aggressive Development Testing Program to ensure product compliance in the harshest of conditions including vibration, temperature, water and dust sealing, electrical, salt water, EMC and photometric testing.
OEM specific requirements?
The Cylon can be assembled in different colour configurations according to specific customer requirements. Due to the modular design of the light system, the housings can be configured within our own facilities in either flush fitment or hollow bolt mounting as required.

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