ISL-500 LED strip light

ISL 500 LED strip lighting

Combining cost effectiveness with efficiency, the ISL-500 range has been designed to provide a professionally engineered solution for vehicle interior lighting, whilst remaining highly affordable and incredibly durable. Suitable for both OEM and Aftermarket applications, every aspect of the product has been developed to ensure extreme reliability, even in the harshest conditions.

- High Output LED interior strip light
- Integrated switch option with Touch Sense switching - no moving parts, works with gloves
- PIR detection option
- Modular option for creating continuous lighting systems
- Easy installation & electrical connection
- Fully compliant with the external projections requirements for head impacts
- ECE Regulation 10 approved

Ultra-bright illumination
The high specification metal core PCB design of the ISL-500 range allows the LED components to operate reliably at greater outputs, providing the user “best in class” illumination with light outputs ranging from 600 lumens for the ISL.500 to more than 3000 lumens in longer lengths. The constant current electronic control of the LED’s prevents circuit damage and ensures a smooth and consistent illumination at differing voltages.
Continuous lighting system
Clever connectivity design within the LED PCB, gives modularity options that allow the ISL-500 range to extend in length as a continuous strip light. Powered and switched by the master unit (ISL.509), your individual strip light requirements can be achieved by simply clipping the ISL-500 extension module variants together, according to the required size when using the Interlink fitment component (ISL.513.00).
Touch-Sense switching
The ISL-500 range of switched lamps does not use traditional switching methods, instead adopting an innovative and highly reliable solid state touch pad for On/Off operation. Traditional mechanical switches can have a limited life from normal wear and tear, with premature failure often accelerated by the corrosion of contact terminals through moisture in the air. With the use of the TECH-LED “Touch-sense” technology these common failure modes are designed out of the product, providing the upmost reliability during service.
PIR option
Fully integrated into the product design, PIR sensing allows the operator to have illumination without physical switching.
OEM compliant
Suitable for use in OEM applications, the ISL-500 has been developed for compliance with the EMC requirements of ECE Regulation 10.05 as well as the increasingly stringent requirements from vehicle manufacturers on quiescent current draws from 3rd party equipment. The ISL-500 range is also suitable for use in vehicle cabin areas that require conformity with the tough legislative regulations for external projections that help prevent injury to occupants of the vehicle.

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