ISL-200 LED interior light

ITL 200 LED interior lighting

Designed specifically to give maximum light output coupled with high operating efficiency and costs effectiveness, the ITL-200 range has been developed to operate in the harshest operating environments associated with commercial vehicles.

- Ultra high performance LED interior light
- 1500 lumens output
- Low profile design
- Impact resistant, lightweight materials
- PIR option
- IP69K hermetic sealing using ultrasonic welding technology
- Easy installation & electrical connection
- Fully compliant with the external projections requirements for head impacts
- ECE Regulation 10 approved

Ultra-bright illumination
The high specification metal core PCB design of the ITL-200 range allows the LED components to operate reliably at higher light outputs, providing the user “best in class” illumination. Our clever design uses a high density of LED components spread over a large diffused illumination area, ensuring both a better optical performance and an improved thermal management system that is critical for a long product life. The constant current electronic control of the LED’s prevents electronic damage and ensures a smooth and consistent illumination at differing voltages.
Hermetically sealed for life
Installed in vehicle position , the ITL-200 lamp will meet the harsh requirements of IP69K, withstanding submersion and pressure washing. With the use of Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Technology to seal the lens and housing, each lamp is pressure tested for conformity after manufacture and validated prior to release.
PIR option
Fully integrated into the product design, PIR sensing allows the operator to have illumination without physical switching.
OEM compliant
Suitable for use in OEM applications, the ISL-500 has been developed for compliance with the EMC requirements of ECE Regulation 10.05 as well as the increasingly stringent requirements from vehicle manufacturers on quiescent current draws from 3rd party equipment. The ISL-500 range is also suitable for use in vehicle cabin areas that require conformity with the tough legislative regulations for external projections that help prevent injury to occupants of the vehicle.

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