Rapid Brake Warning System Module

Rapid brake warning system

The development of a visual braking safety warning system for manufacture and distribution by two differing Technology-LED working partners and for fitment on one of Europe’s largest utility fleets.

Operational at speeds under 30mph and assisting in the prevention of city driving rear end accidents, the concept should allow installation to fleet vehicles as a secondary, non-OEM fit, allowing the existing High Level Stop Lamp to flash rapidly under severe braking, but maintain normal usage of the 3rd brake light at all other times. The product should be fully second life compatible, reducing longer term cost of ownership.

Additionally, the installation was to have minimal OEM wiring intrusion with simple fitment, correctly operating on both laden and un-laden vehicles. The commercial impact should be such that the investment is recovered inside 24 months.

Technology-LED solution
A single electronic control unit fitted to the inner panel of the vehicle in a defined position to ensure correct operation, detecting rapid de-acceleration on laden, or un-laden vehicles and being operational at 30mph and under in all braking conditions. Incorporating an integral independently powered 12V pulsed output, simply and easily connected in-line with the OEM High Level Stop Lamp to provide a visual warning that extends beyond the period of braking.