WLG 100 LED work lights

The WLG-100 range of work lamps provide a huge 1800lm flood beam for superb illumination of outside working areas. Manufactured with premium materials including a unique corrosion resistant, super-conductive and lightweight Graphene mixed compound for the lamp housing, this high specification and powerful work lamp delivers guaranteed OEM quality, whilst remaining highly competitive.

- Ultra high performance LED work light
- 1800 lumens output
- Impact resistant, lightweight graphene materials provide complete corrosion protection
- IP68 rated protection
- Easy installation & electrical connection via integral swivel mounting bracket
- ECE Regulation 10 approved

Ultra-bright illumination
The high specification core PCB design and heat dissipation of the WLG-100 range allows the LED components to operate reliably at higher light outputs, providing incredible user illumination.
Corrosion resistant
Thanks to its graphene compound body, the work lamp range will never suffer from corrosion - a common issue with competitor work lighting products. Coupled with IP68 protection, the electronics will survive even the most arduous of conditions.
OEM compliant
Suitable for use in OEM applications, the WLG-100 has been developed for compliance with the EMC requirements of ECE Regulation 10.05 as well as the increasingly stringent requirements from vehicle manufacturers on quiescent current draws from 3rd party equipment.

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